Under the terms of this agreement, DJ Prashant is pleased to provide DJ services for:

Clients’ Names: _____________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: ________ Zip: ___________________
Telephone #: ________________ Cell #: _____________ Fax #: ______________
Email: __________________________ Referred By: _______________________

PERFORMANCE DATE: __________________________

The performance will take place at: _________________________________ (site)
Site’s address: ____________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: ________ Zip: _________
Site Telephone #: _______________________
Performance Hours: 
(starting time) _________    (ending time) ________  
Setup Time:  ___________         Ceremony Time: ________Time Guests Arrive:______

Place a check mark next to your event:
_____ Wedding Ceremony Music  
_____ Reception Dinner/Social and Dance Music
_____ Birthday Party     _____ Anniversary     _____Graduation        _____Baby Shower
_____ Engagement Party     _____Garba            _____Baarat (Jaan)    _____Mehndi     _____ Other

Size of event: 
# of guests  ______ DJ Package #______

1 scheduled, pre-event meeting at DJ Prashant's office included.  
Meeting Time______ 1 hour slot         Meeting Date_____

Please fill out and email the itinerary templates below to DJ Prashant prior to the event.  
DJ Prashant's
DJ Prashant's

_____Dandiya (sticks) for Garba  ____ Drone for Baarat  _____LED Dance Floor   ___# of Moving Heads - Upgraded intelligent Lighting   _____ Screen and Projector 
_____1 Male Singer          _____ 1 Female Singer   ______ # LED Uplights      _____Monogram   _____ Cocktail Area Speaker
_____Dhol Player 
         _____MUSIC for Baarat     _____Mustang Convertible Decorated (Baraat only)   
DJ From Team:  DJ _______ _will be included from Prashant's team.

The Total amount Performance Fee is $__________ for the time frame outlined above in the DJ Package. Services requested that exceed the time frame will be charged at the rate of $100 per hour, payable the day of the engagement.

A $_______ deposit is due at the signing of this contract, payable to Prashant Shah.
The balance of $_______ will be due on _______ (date) prior to the engagement either cash or check described herein.

Terms of Agreement:
1. Any deposit received in non-refundable.  Parties entering into this contract are permanently bound to fulfill the obligations by this agreement unless one or more of the following conditions apply:  Both parties mutually agree to leave the agreement and its responsibilities.  The event described herein is completely cancelled, and a minimum of 60 days notice is given.

2.  In the event that DJ Prashant becomes unable to provide his services due to complications beyond his control, a reputable replacement shall be provided at no more than the original price agreed on.

3.  If the purchaser wishes to cancel this contract for any reason prior to event date, Prashant will retain deposit as liquidated damages. All cancellations must be made in writing.

4.  Purchaser to ensure that venue has obtained all required music licensing and performance permits. If insurance is necessary to perform, purchaser will email detail and cover cost for insurance.

5.  Purchaser accepts full financial responsibilityand liability for damage or loss of the equipment and injury to any guests while it is at venue (after delivery, and prior to removal) that is caused by purchaser, their contractors, agents, or guests at the event.

6.  Any additional hours or services are to be at the agreement of both parties. The overtime rate for services beyond the initial outline of this contract is $100 per hour.

7.  Prashant reserves the right to invoke a private debt collection service for retrieval of any moneys owed. Purchaser is liable for all debt recovery costs incurred.

8. The client ensures that: (A) the client, place of engagement or caterer shall provide the DJ with a sturdy, covered 6 feet or 8 feet DJ table within 25 feet of a 3 prong grounded electrical outlet.

9.  Schedule / Itinerary -The DJ will be provided a schedule of events and list of songs 2 weeks before the event. The DJ will make his/her best efforts to maintain the schedule. The DJ and client have the right to modify the schedule as the event progresses due to changes with plans and unforeseen delays.

If this contract was DOWNLOADED, call for date availability. Then, make a copy for your records and mail, or email original to below address. Hand delivery is acceptable if a meeting has been scheduled. Contract and deposit must be received to ensure your date. Please call to confirm faxed contracts are received. If you do not receive a confirmation call within 10 days of mailing, please call 1-847-275-3332. THIS CONTRACT MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH PARTIES TO BE IN FORCE. A countersigned copy will be presented to you during your scheduled, pre-event meeting with your DJ.

Prashant Shah
500 Rugby Place, Schaumburg, IL 60194
Questions? Call 847-275-3332 / Email: Prashant@DJPrashant.com

I understand the terms and conditions described herein, and will abide by them.

_________________________ (sign and date)   Client

_________________________ (sign and date)   Prashant Shah